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3 YouTube SEO Tricks to Drive More Traffic to a Website

YouTube is a crowded place with limitless potential.

If you can draw some of those traffic to your video, and drive them back to your website, you will surely become Google’s favorite and get a prominent place in the search results. So what do you have to do? What can get you maximum video views?

Too many videos are out there already. Surpassing all of them is not an easy deal. Again, it’s not the quantity of visitors that matter, it’s quality viewers that actually matters. It will not be an easy journey. But if you want to make sure you are doing the right youtube video optimization for your seo there are a few things that you should consider doing first – and here is three of the top things you need to get straight.

  1. Clearly Tell People What to Do:
    While you make an interesting video about the subject matter, make sure that you direct people clearly about what they should do after watching the video. Let them know that your website has more information about it. Highlight your website address. But overall, try to make the message small and brief. This will help you drive more traffic to your website and rank better.
  2. Give Special Attention to the Video Description Box:
    Write long video descriptions. You can’t afford to ignore such an overwhelming opportunity to draw more traffic to your website and rank higher in the search engine. If you can write an impressive video description with the perfect selection of keywords and call to action, you will surely be able to convert the video viewers into a business generating web traffic.
  3. Use the Call to Action Feature
    Do not underrate the importance of the call to action facility provided on this social media platform. Write a compelling copy to encourage the viewers.

All of these will surely bring you a lot of traffic to your website and give you a remarkable visibility on the search engine.

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The Difference Between Internet Marketing and Digital Marketing?

After we learned how to do marketing and promotions with the help of internet and digital media, we found out unbelievably faster means to reach out the potential and prospective clients in the most cost effective manner. The implementation of marketing ideas, when done through digital media, is called digital marketing. The main difference between internet marketing and digital marketing is the use of the real time live internet.

To implement the internet marketing ideas and technologies, you will need a live internet connection.

1.For digital marketing, any kind of digital channel can be used.

Your Smartphone, computer, tablet, game consoles, are types of electronic devices that a marketer can use to reach the target consumers. On the other hand, internet marketing, especially, uses internet to channelize the marketing efforts. It’s a part of digital marketing.

2.Digital marketing is not limited to the use of internet.

For example, a new promotional offer can be sent to the consumers through sms, or mobile applications. While in case of internet marketing, a website, an email address, accounts with social media sites, etc will be required. And all these will not work without a real time live internet connection.

3.Business owners with a substantial marketing budget can invest in marketing through radio and television.

But for the small businesses, or start ups, bearing such a huge intial investment becomes too risky. Internet marketing offers very cost effective brand development tools. With the help of those methods, a businessman take its newly formed brand to a vast number of audience residing in different corners of the world.

So, small business owners should understand the basic difference between digital marketing and internet marketing approach and utilize them appropriately. As both of them are related, you can try to find out ways to use them simultaneously.